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Homeopathy is the youngest of all medical faculties and it is growing. It is modern not only by its virtue of being young, but more importantly by the revolutionary medical philosophy that supports this science. The faculty is outgrowing some of the orthodox concepts and out dated practices. Homeopathy is turning more scientific, more reliable, more user friendly, and more effective. The evolving trend within domain of the classical homoeopathy is more easily approachable for the practitioners world over. The classical homoeopathy should no more be a fantasy or a rare happening but more grounded, more practical and it should be predictably used by every average practitioner in the world.

There are many diseases such as initial phases of malignancies, and many surgical conditions, in the case of which homeopathy can be safely adopted as complementary. It is a safe and effective alternative to modern medicine in cases of all types of allergies (resp, skin, gastric etc) pediatric, dermatologic, geriatric ailments, heart diseases, benign prostate hypertrophy, infertility, gynecological complaints, diabetes, cholesterol etc. whatever may be the condition but this judgment should be purely based on the skill and experience of the physician concerned. Homoeopathy itself can manage effectively without any side effect.

“HOMEOPATHY” the word in itself is alien to many of the doctors of modern medicine. It is an unnecessary headache for them. When human beings are sufficiently comfortable, it is an unwanted proposition to probe into the areas of confusion. Therefore, it is not a prerogative of every physician to try to learn about what other systems of therapies think and do in various disease conditions. It is not the domain of the majority who thinks whatever they learnt is final and can easily reject other concepts as unscientific or insignificant.

But, there are many doctors of modern medicine who believe sincerely that there are some therapeutic deficiencies with the modern medicine. In the day to day clinical practice they realize that in the case of many diseases, they can only offer a palliative relief. Many of them experience that their difficult cases are getting much better or cured with some alternative method. This experience makes them confused about the boundaries of medical science and therapies

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